Axial piston pumps (Oilgear)

The axial piston pumps (Oilgear) are hydraulic pumps that thrive on low viscosity fluids, are dirt tolerant, go up to 1000 bar, and up to 800 L/Min. The pumps are available with variable displacement (enables low, medium, and high pressure) and with fixed displacement (enables high pressure). The pumps enable high horsepower precision control in a compact package.

In an axial-piston pump, the pistons and cylinder rotate around the center, longitudinal axis. The pistons and shoes move in and out of the cylinder because they are sliding upon a stationary, variable angle, swashblock. As the pistons rotate, they alternate between being connected to an inlet port and an outlet port. As the pistons pass over the inlet port, they suck fluid into the piston chamber. As they move over the outlet port, they expel fluid from the piston chamber.

The rate at which the pistons are rotating is controlled by the mechanical rotational input on the pump shaft. The amount of fluid that is drawn into the piston chamber during rotation is controlled by the angle of the swashblock.


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“We have recently called upon the expertise of Holland Hydraulics to find the most suitable solution for opening and closing a newly designed door for a marine vessel. Together, we thought carefully about which components were needed to meet all customer requirements, standards and regulations. The solution was quickly realized, partly because Holland Hydraulics carries out the engineering and production in-house. The strict requirements regarding the applied coatings and the associated corrosion prevention, weren’t any issue. The components of marine vessels are checked by classification bodies. The inspections of the inspection authorities, designated by the client, were passed with flying colours by Holland Hydraulics. Everything was delivered on schedule. Holland Hydraulics made all the piping to custom size and installed it onto the door. The entire system passed all tests successfully. In short, a successful cooperation”.

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“As a manufacturer of packaging machines, we aim for a longterm relationship. It is important to us that our supplier acts quickly and correctly on questions, for both service and purchasing. Holland Hydraulics thinks along in terms of solutions and not in terms of problems. They stand for quality and this is reflected in our service, we rarely need the services. At purchasing level the communication lines are short and constructive and the cooperation is pleasant”.

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